Dietmar Offenhuber



homepage @ media lab

dust till dawn (decker, offenhuber, reiter) at ars06, supported by kunstraum,
feature in the interactive arch. blog
pics @ maex' site
ars electronica animation festival, cocurated with lia/miguel and christine schoepf,
nice sujet by barbara toth
may 06 servus worklabs - developing a laser dust interface (w. maex decker, more soon) jul 06 moviemaps:revisited sketch presented at siggraph 2006 project can be found here
apr 06 semaspace - a simple graph editing application (with g. dirmoser) feb 06 contributions to diagonale, crossing europe festival, arco madrid
jan 06
thoughts concerning the  european community (answers to a questionaire mostly in german)
nov 05 presentation at MIT, departement of urban studies
mapping context
dec 05 new dvd with tamtam (s.auinger/h.strobl) stadtmusik
released in the edition Medienturm
concert in museumsquartier vienna 4.12.05
also at tesla gallery, berlin feb 06
sep 05 exhibition BLANK at medienturm gallery, graz --- gallery
wegzeit is also part of the current issue of vectors journal (USC annenberg)
sep 05 new video Heinz weiss... naredmanet sep 05 ars electronica animation festival, co-curator
aug 05 moviemaps revisited: spatial movie scenes
sketch in prog.
jun 05 visuals at SONAR 2005; with Nina Wenhart
sonar website
sep 04 loopcity
japan foundation fellowship 04, IAMAS, japan
jun 05 isotope part of the
re:modern, exhibition in Künstlerhaus vienna
sep 04 images 4 music, DVD
w/ martin wattenberg, casey reas, Schreiber/pfaffenbichler
piano phase / steve reich 1 2 3 DVD
sep 04 video for steve reich/music for 18 musicians, ars electronica 04 _01
sep 04 archiquarium
(with h. hoellerl & futurelab) exhibition environment, ars electronica center
aug 04 language of networks symposion, co-curator; ars electronica 2004
sep 03 5 minute places
EMARE residency in werkleitz / halle, 2003
jun 04 gave a workshop at outsidein (symposion on public space)
göteborg, sweden
may 02 wegzeit
los angeles in relative space ... 2000-02
may 04 interactions art/technology
co-curator; exhibition at american museum of the moving image 2004
nov 01 besenbahn 2001
music: Sam Auinger/ Hannes Strobl (TAMTAM)
transmediale honorary mention, nominee \\international\media\art\award 03
aug 00 citycritters 2000
with m. decker, j. schnaitter performance at liquid music, aug 2000
jun 04 begriffsnetz gedächtnistheater
two interactive versions of gerhard dirmosers' diagrams on the history of ars electronica
dez 99 LVOID-weekenders 1999
with m. decker
performance at blasthaus, san francisco, dez 2 1999
aug 02 Trajectory 2002
with m. Decker
Installation for Liquid Music Festival 02, Judenburg
sep 99 Jomasounds - image manipulation soundtrack 1999
with j. schnaitter, m. decker, g. palmetshofer
some images from the performance at ars electronica 99
jul 99 Isotope 1999
exhibited at SEAFair' 99 ,Skopje ; VRML-ART 2000 monterey ; Computer Arts Festival, Maribor ; File electronic art festival, Sao Paolo
sep 98 bike - a short animation 1998
siggraph 99, NY animation fest, darklight dublin ...
sep 98 Orbital elements 1998    
sep 96 elevator animation & installation at ars electronica center 1996    
apr 96 vvv- a journey into the exile 1996
together with m. schilcher, g.palmetshofer, m. ruttgersson
      a complete list of my projects at ars electronica ....