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everything that the mechanical eye records.
found footage from cctv surveillance cams, traffic cams, earth observation satellites, atm cash machines cams, motion tracking and image analysis. streams from public places and private spheres, by day and night, of human beings, of vehicles, of planets. a systematic process of selection is dispensed with completely.

the sequence of these videos and the rhythm of their cuts from one scene to the next are triggered by certain signals in the midi stream coming from the sequencer, therefore not under human control. primary the emphasis is not on the content but rather on the signal.
the compressed, imperfect image contains traces of its way in the form of compression artefacts, its out-of-focus picture, its pixel structure. the signal becomes the image reality.

so called architecture-tracks are built with absolute specified frequencies on a subfrequent layer.
it is a frequency-arragement experiment without any implementation of standard instruments or instrument samples. a abstract from the conventionally track and instrument structures and a analysis of the percussive frequency -scale -modulation ... how to build and extract.