TRACES: The space within the loop

Tina LaPorta

Passing through media through structure and time. Time which unfolds simultaneously through multiple frames on multiple pages. Time-- passing through our fingers. Moving through pixels and lines, text and sound; the shape of the loop consumes the line.

Separated by space.

It's the loop, you see-- not the line: the line of time, of structure, of knowing. Listen. To hear in circular motion with image in relation to image in relation to you-- from me. I have become the transmission.

I send as I receive.

From me to you is the difference of a day. Time is not fixed. We speak between the shared space of self and other. The Horizontal axis has been bent, the light of the ray is refracted emulating liquid not a solid.

The material is im-material.

Process takes over, unfolds in time before my eye and then finally before yours. Sending out a signal for you to receive..........

The echo's of time-- not in a line but a loop.