In the discourse going on within the field of new media, the term "liquid" stands for the flowing together of various different levels of reality and contexts of interaction.

This project (in progress) deals with theoretical, physical and metaphorical spaces and spatial conceptions, as these have impacted the theory and practice of media art. The attempt is being made to establish interfaces-electronic as well as psychological ones-to make it possible to perceive these theoretical and metaphorical magnitudes.

Liquid Space consists of a core installation (the cue), and of a real "satellite" and two types of virtual ones.

The cue is currently located in Linz (Ars Electronica Quarter); the real satellite is located in Graz (ESC); the virtual satellites are an applet and a chat room.

Primary components of interaction are hand movements to produce laminar streams in the water basin of the cue and of the real satellites, as well as the generation of virtual laminar streams (by means of the applet) and discursive laminar streams (by means of text commentary in the chat room).

Real and virtual laminar streams are combined into a unitary laminar stream and acoustically depicted in the space of the cue. This acoustic form is spatial and simulates independent spatial dimensions of the physical surroundings, as represent by the netspace. Acoustic space serves as psychological interface in this netspace.