language is architecture is sound

held together by grammar, sometimes logic and are consisting of elements that cannot be divided further be it
words, structural components or frequencies.

like all atomic particles with mass can appear/be seen as  electromagnetic waves, solid architecture can be represented by spatial sound-structures.

the work is an improvisation based on a logical-linguistic game.

we started with simple geometric patterns and formed different implementations of a structural logical grammar connecting its parts.
Using this logical -hierachical structure, the patterns are extended through the methods of replacement and

> >

in the results of this transformation, both the original patterns and the connecting grammar becomes clearly readable.

what works for geometry also works for the sound - the replacement method modulating the frequency forms a spatial sound field, that can be explored by navigating through the architecture.

L-void is part of collaborative work with basicray, ny and will be shown at blasthaus gallery, sf on 4. dec. 1999