by Patrick Ready
with additional footnotes by Hank Bull 

Hank Bull and I decided to do a radio show on Co-op Radio in 
Vancouver in 1975. The HP Show (later called The HP Dinner Show) 
was the fruition of a relationship begun in 1967 in Peterborough, 
Ontario, and maintained via cassette tape letters and occasional visits 
until we found ourselves collaborating on art projects : 8-mm 
movies, a book called HP in a Pickle, Byron Black's cable TV show 
Images from Infinity, shadow plays, etc.  in Vancouver in the mid-

At this time the art community in Vancouver was quite lively. The 
Western Front had just begun flexing itself. The Hollywood Decca 
Dance and the Mr. Peanut for Mayor Campaign had happened. Waves 
begun by Inter-Media in the late 60s were still rippling and a stream 
of people flowed between San Francisco, Toronto and New York and 
Vancouver. The Vancouver Art Gallery was open to, and supportive 
of, all sorts of creative expression, from poetry readings to 
performances and regular noon hour concerts by the likes of Al Neil 
and Gregg Simpson.
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