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Adolf Hitler:
Sketch for a new bridge for Linz

Even as a schoolboy Hitler had dreamed of rebuilding Linz and made many drawings and plans for new buildings and structures in the city. Over the years he continued to make sketches and plans for new concert halls, theaters, museums and, of course, bridges.

So it was no coincidence that, in March of 1938 when he stopped in Linz on his triumphant journey to Vienna, Hitler promised the Mayor of Linz a replacement for the old iron bridge. The new bridge was to be called the "Nibelungen Bridge" - from the ancient myth of the "Nibelungen Way".

Model of the Nibelungen Bridge with the 2 flanking buildings by Fick.

Planning began at once under the direction of Engineer Werner Sarlay and the design by the architects Karl Schaechterle and Fritz Tamms was approved by Hitler in summer of 1938. Construction of the bridge began with the domolition of buildings on the river banks in September of the same year.

The bridge took nearly 3 years to build and Hitler followed its progress closely.