I Don't know where I am, I get lost.
To be lost as infinite line around a point. What is a circle as a clock ?
Time is not a circle, but my mind is over and I want to keep me safe... Time is over, space is over, I can be at bombay looking nothing with dead eyes...
To be free and safe as a dust.
To be an optical system to transmit light. Light without material to reflect it, as my mind. Take a pill, take a smoke, a fuck and get death as a void... You feel your body and you can't give your breath to your love. You feel well
You feel nothing
You want to be
Who are you ?
Don't escape
look at me, touch me, feel me, kill me... My mind is closed, I'm over, I'm off, feel me, feel me, feel me, feel.... a silence
An odor
a time
a line
a point
a clock
a sky
a floor
be deep
be you ...
Valery Grancher