through history/her story

through ideologies, countries, through biographies and every day lives (realities)


through an individual, unique life


through a reeking tunnel to the supermarket. through siberia and mongolia in a blackened train compartment. through an ocean of laughter and desire towards a new self.



wait a moment.

railway stations. airports. harbours. space stations. bridges. fantasies. moments. deaths.

little notes. crossings. births. letters. aberrations. breaks.

white (colourful) patches on the map.encounters. chances.



Suitcases. what luggage does one carry when traveling ?


in a children's book of the fifties, there is even a whole man hidden in a cabin trunk. traveling stowaway, below

deck by the banana crates. on a trip into the unknown. from rags to

riches ? already history, the four year old who could not find the ship, despite of the provisions it had taken on its journey, the wail of the siren still ringing in its ears.


the curse: fleetingness.