O. O was the link in the story. Without O, there would be no cipher to dispel the rumors of being that had discharged themselves into the datasacpe of meaning that had already presupposed O in all wonder. But O was more than wonder. She was wander. By becoming wander, O was becoming A. A was O and O was A but different. Both A & O. Different.
Difference. Or O was not A but Oh. And in becoming Oh had made a conscious decision to avoid becoming Ah. But there were no conscious decisions to be made and O knew this. This is why she had been expelled from whatever gender happened to disguise itself on O's skin. The skin of O, silent, without an h, or an r, or a g, or a q, or a v. But O dreamed of being V. Because being V would be something outside of Being and in this V that O dreamt of becoming, there was a future version of woman that no language could describe.