by Andrea Zapp, Berlin 1997

is a collaborative documentary about a person, identity and gender unknown - a flaneur in the cultural space of the internet. Inspired by the novel "Orlando", written by Virginia Woolf in England in 1928, that reads like a visionary metaphor, this is a biography of a figure, traveling through time and space, centuries and cultures.

Internet users worldwide as well as requested artists involve Orlando in their personal backgrounds and bring him (or her?) into contact with other people (or themselves?).

Orlando's story reflects the virtual space by establishing residence in an artificial life, by stepping onto a stage, by slipping into identities and virtual profiles in a networked community of realities and fictions.

The episodes reveal individual traces in a web of reflections, visuals and déjà-vu's within past, present and future. The unpredictable action flow of the project represents a patchwork and montage frame to experiment with net creativity.

A dynamic network of personal experiences, memories and interventions, "Last Entry: Bombay, 1st of July..." explores digital dramaturgy as a cross between storyboard and documentation, anecdote and archetype, diary and legend.