isotope - 3 proposals for grammar-based algorithmic architecture

an idea for a philosophical - architectural game

isotope is an project examining possibilities of extending the architecture of the haus wittgenstein on the basis of a formal language.
the architecture is extended through the methods of Replacement and Recursion using the qualities of the VRML as a language. one of the advantages of VRML that was important in this project is its hierachical structure. it has a "memory" - during the process of replacing shapes, the previous state doesnt get lost but rather moves up one level in the hierachy.

the first method proposed is a shape-grammar which uses deformations and one reference volume

the second experiment uses this replacement procedure to represent a sequence of sentences of the form
p (a1,a2,..,an) in architectual compositions

third looks at the amount of new information which is sequentially added with each following sentence